Friday, October 9, 2015

The Massacre Next Time

With current gun laws in place, should you wish to exercise your Second Amendment right to be a member of a "regulated militia", it is extremely easy for you to purchase a firearm.  With minimal requirements, in many places in the US, you can quickly buy a gun without a background check, weapons training, or concern for your current mental health status.  As the mass shooting continue, fear is motivating more people to consider purchasing a gun.  Right now, you can do that. Hurry up. Of course, you know this is a good thing, you are one of the Good Guys.     

However, current gun laws also do nothing to prevent the following:  

Simultaneously, I write this, there are a least a few disenfranchised young males planning mass violence in your schools, malls, stadiums and other public venues.  They have experienced some form of rejection or perceived failure or embarrassment.  They have built up resentments, often initially experiencing a divorce of their parents and break up of their family along the way.  They have been subjected to bullying or abuse from their peer group.  In response, they have disengaged from the school, community and their family and have begun a slow decline, a process of alienation and isolation.  

This disengagement has turned to depression, rage, and the targeting of others:  the the source of their unhappiness.  This rage and the need to release it has led to a fascination with previous mass shootings and worship of the perpetrators.  They long for the infamy and notoriety that these mass shootings have provided previous shooters.  They see the destruction and mayhem and long for this sense of sick satisfaction.  Their depression includes violent fantasy include a suicidal wish to be taken out by gunfire "with a bang."   They may fantasize a glamourous gunfight finishing in a blaze of glory.   They may even welcome a response by law enforcement or a regulated militia.  They are OK with taking everyone out with them. 

They begin to express their anger and rage through blogging or Facebook posting.  They join chat groups or forums that fuel their hatred.  They become empowered by this connection to others' rage.   

These feelings and obsessions take over and lead to careful and meticulous planning for violence. People are targeted, locations are explored, ways and means are considered.  Easy access to guns allows the young male to stockpile an arsenal weapons, often with the emotional and financial support of others (including family members). This type of compulsion for hoarding fuels their sense of power and control.  So, they plan their attack.  They look for the opportunity, they have the means and the motivation.  They are preparing to execute their plan.  

So, yes, give me a gun.  I'm a Good Guy.  He is the Bad Guy.  Let's stop him.  Time to round up the militia, the Good Guys. Teachers, get your gun.  It's in the top drawer of your desk.  Students, it's in your backpack.  Pimply customer service rep at your local mall.  Strap up.  Access, availability, motivation, means, opportunity for all.           

Time to get ready for the next gunfight.  It will come.  Ready, aim, fire.  It's your right as an American.  Don't take our rights (I mean, my right) to have a gun.  That's the ticket.     

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