Friday, November 11, 2016

Success, Failure and Incompetence

No, I do not want Donald Trump to fail.  I suppose it would be easy to conclude that from what I and others have said about our objections, concerns and fears about Trump in the White House.

In a discussion about the election results, I was told that wanting Donald Trump to fail is like being on a plane and hoping that the pilot crashes the plane.

Once again, I do not want Donald Trump to fail.  However, I want you to understand that the pilot has in no uncertain terms told me what he thinks of me, my wife, my daughter, my family, and many of my friends.  He thinks we are not deserving to be on this plane.  He has not acknowledged or admitted the number of plane crashes in which he has been involved.  He has no experience flying the plane.

He has ignored facts, dismissed advice and supervision, failed to prepare before flying the plane and denied the findings of science.  The plane was designed by scientists.  I do not want that kind of pilot flying the plane. He doesn't even have a flight plan that he has shown anyone nor filed with the tower. So, I am predicting that pilot will not be able to fly the plane particularly well or get where we need to go.

His co-pilot has said he really dislikes a few of the other passengers.

Oh, by the way, did you hear that this pilot feels entitled to kiss and grope any of  women on the plane he rates as being very attractive, whether they like it or not.  He will be OK with it if someone else decides to hit me or attack me while I am on the plane.  This pilot will even pay for any legal fees that come out of the lawsuit.  In fact, he has demonstrated that he might decide that, because I am on the plane with a crying child, that I should be thrown off the plane.

I will honestly tell you that I think he will not likely be successful flying this plane.  But, nevertheless, he has seemed to convince many people that he is the best pilot in the land.  Other passengers have told me he is better than the other pilot that was available. She was a nasty pilot, I hear.   She did interview for the job and did well.  Our pilot had 3 very questionable interviews.  He didn't really come across particularly well, I understand.    

So, anyway, he is going to fly the plane, I guess.  This is the only plane available.

OK, but don't ask me not to be afraid of being on this flight.

But no, I do not hope he crashes the plane.  That would be really stupid.  

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